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More Than 50 Percent of Consumers Are Unhappy With Their Wireless Provider in New Study From U.S. Cellular

July, 17, 2012

U.S. Cellular Launches New Campaign to Help Those in Dysfunctional Wireless Relationships

CHICAGO, July 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A study announced today by U.S. Cellular (NYSE:USM) indicates that 43 percent of individuals are in the "seven year itch" phase with their wireless provider, noting they are comfortable but suspect they are missing out on something better. Out of the 1,208 participants polled across four regions of the country, 56 percent of the respondents admitted to being unhappy with their carrier over the past year but only 35 percent of all respondents have ever broken up with their provider. In spite of this overall dissatisfaction, respondents are hesitant to call it quits. It's no secret that people are frustrated with their wireless experience, but people tolerate less because they don't believe there is a better option. More than one-third (37 percent) of respondents say they stick with their current provider because they believe all carriers are the same, it is too much trouble to switch carriers, or they don't want to sign a new contract.

With the launch of Hello Better, U.S. Cellular is out to change these misperceptions by calling attention to continuous contracts and techno babble in the industry, inspiring the courage to end dysfunctional relationships and presenting a better solution.

Creating the ideal customer experience has been and always will be the top priority for U.S. Cellular. The company has partnered with relationships expert Dr. Judith Wright for further insight and expertise as part of its ongoing commitment to valuable relationships by delivering the best customer experience. U.S. Cellular treats their customers like neighbors, not numbers. "An unbalanced relationship doesn't work no matter how you slice it—whether it is with your spouse, friend, bank, hairdresser or your wireless provider," said Dr. Wright. "All too often we give up on what matters to us—thinking that's what is best for the relationship. We figure it's easier to stay than to move on. But we ultimately sabotage any hopes of having a good relationship, because a good relationship means that both parties are getting what they need and want. It is critical to go for what we want in a relationship."

On July 19, Dr. Wright will be setting up an outdoor consultation station at Market Square in Knoxville, Tenn., inviting passersby to stop for free relationship advice. Dr. Wright will offer suggestions on how to identify when you are in a dysfunctional relationship and how to find the strength to move on to something better.

By introducing Hello Better to the public, U.S. Cellular is encouraging people to say goodbye to dysfunctional wireless relationships and say hello to a better experience. U.S. Cellular is calling attention to the aggravation customers have with their wireless carriers and proving that a better relationship is possible. To help consumers make a clean break, right now U.S. Cellular is offering up to $300 to customers who switch to U.S. Cellular through a $100 smartphone activation credit and up to $200 when they trade in their used phone.

"We believe it's time for consumers to know they don't have to settle with their wireless relationship," said David Kimbell, senior vice president of marketing and chief marketing officer for U.S. Cellular. "At U.S. Cellular, people can expect to be treated with respect, fairness and honesty. Our 9,000 associates aim to deliver on this commitment every day at every consumer interaction."

U.S. Cellular customers enjoy unique benefits, such as new devices faster without resigning contracts after the first, free Overage Protection and free Battery Swap. U.S. Cellular also offers customers the only points-based rewards program in the industry, which rewards customers for simple things, such as paying bills on-time, adding a line or referring friends and family. Points may be used for faster phone upgrades, additional lines, devices, accessories and ringtones.

Other key findings from U.S. Cellular about dysfunctional wireless relationships include:

 "It's too expensive to get out of my contract" is cited as the number one reason stopping respondents from switching providers The most common reaction to being unhappy with a carrier is to complain to others 3 in 4 women surveyed said their cell provider was "okay" or they "liked it" but didn't love it 

To say hello to a better wireless relationship, visit a U.S. Cellular store or

Certain restrictions apply. See store or for full details. Data based on a survey conducted by Braun Research, Inc. on behalf of U.S. Cellular, July 2012.

Laura Lualhati, U.S. Cellular,, 773-399-4849

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U.S. Cellular rewards its customers with unmatched benefits and industry-leading innovations designed to elevate the customer experience. The Chicago-based carrier has a strong line-up of cutting-edge devices that are all backed by its high-speed nationwide network that has the highest call quality of any national carrier. Currently, 25 percent of customers have access to 4G LTE speeds and 54 percent will have access by the end of 2012. U.S. Cellular was named a J.D. Power and Associates Customer Service Champion in 2012 for the second year in a row. To learn more about U.S. Cellular, visit one of its retail stores or To get the latest news, promos and videos, connect with U.S. Cellular on, and

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